Limited Edition Debut album by Kevin Nolan entitled 'Fredrick & The Golden Dawn'(Vinyl)

Buy a limited edition vinyl copy first pressing with Art work by artist Susanne Wawra. Printed on the inner sleeve is a wondrous short story written by Irish author Rob Doyle (Here Are The Young Men' Bloomsbury). Order a copy directly from the artist Kevin Nolan from this site via PayPal €20 for the Record + €5 packaging & postage. 


- Hot Press Magazine, IE

"There's no doubting Nolan's Ambition, Impressive"

- The Irish Times

"A Master of sheer weirdness"

- The Musical Melting Pot

"There's a profound literary sharpness to Nolan's lyrics"

- Golden Plec

"Simply Stunning to behold"

- The Last Mixed Tape